23 April 2013

Speed tests on my VDSL and 3G Internet connections

Fixed (VDSL)

At home, I have a VDSL2 line from Belgacom used for Internet and Belgacom TV.

Subscription plan: Intense

Synchro Downstream: 70 Mbps
Synchro Upstream: 6 Mbps  
Downstream: 50 Mbps (Internet) and 20 Mbps (up to two HDTV streams with one STB)
Upstream: 5 Mbps

Bbox2 (modem/router) status:

Speed test results: 

Mobile (3G)

I have a Belgacom Mobile (Proximus) data subscription.

I am connected on Internet with a PC using my cellphone (HSDPA+ / 3.5G) as a portable WIFI hotspot.

Speed test results: